• Digital Media Courses
  • Art Classes
  • Language Courses including, Spanish, Irish, German, French & Italian
  • First Aid and Health & Safety Courses
  • Computer Classes
  • Painting Classes
  • Crochet Classes
  • Craft Classes
  • Cake Icing & Decorating Classes
  • Zumba & Fitness Classes

Course No. 5006   

Sessions: 18,  Monday - Saturday    

Fee: €300


Enrol in our personal training package to reach your desired goals under the tutelage of one of our experienced trainers. Your bodyfat percentage will be calculated at the beginning and the end of the term, with the client having the option of extending the time frame. Receive a personalised diet plan to enable you to lose those pounds, tone your physique and gain the positive mentality required to step up level after level to reach your target. Meet our current crop of personal training clients and see first hand the results they have achieved in a short space of time.

*Choose the times that suit you between 6am & 9.30pm x 3 times per week for 6 weeks.

Course No. 5005   

Sessions: 30    Monday - Saturday    

Fee: €125


A class designed to increase your fitness levels at your pace but always assuring results. Using our wide range of knowledge and equipment you will be astounded how we come up with new ideas each class and how quickly you will see your fitness levels soar. You will certainly feel like you’ve worked out after this one. Choose 30 class times out of a total of 140 classes (within the 10 weeks) Timetable: Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9.15am, 6.00pm, 7.00pm

Thursday 9.15am, 6.00pm

Saturday 10.00am

Course No. 5012   

Sessions: 10,  Monday  8:00 pm - 8:50 pm   

Fee: €100           

Join our Self Defense class and learn simple but effective maneuvers which will allow you to protect yourself all the while getting in a tough workout at your own pace. This course is one you will, enjoy, learn and smile through.

Course No. 5011  

Sessions:     Saturday*    10:45 am - 11:45 am   

Fee: €120


You may think it is impossible but we will make this possible. No matter what your fitness levels are if you are determined we will get you there & be right beside you every step of the way. Learn how to increase your fitness levels using our wide range of training methods and expertise. Simple tricks to control your breathing and learn how to get you to the 5km mark and further. We will work at your pace and we will help you increase your distance every single time. Time to make that resolution and jump on board.

*Saturday 10.45am & a time of your choosing during the week to undergo our specialised training.

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